November 11, 2011


Today I went to the Bath & Body Works on Bagdat Caddesi, Istanbul.

I knew it was going to more expensive than it is in the States, 

but c'mon for God's sake!

I guess sky was the limit when it came down to pricing Bath & Body Works' pillow mist, and fragrance oil and portable scents, and bulb refills in Istanbul.

My favorite lavender-vanilla pillow mist is $10+tax in the States, 
was 44TL which is $24.76 (tax included) in Istanbul.

The $20+tax 4-wick candles were 44TL which is $25 tax included.

$2.50 to $5.00+tax Travel-size body mists 
were 14TL which is $7.88 (tax included) in Istanbul. 

I loved Marshmallow Fireside's scent. It is so me,
but because I bought a 4 oz Secret Wonderland and a Lavender-Vanilla aromatherapy candle,
I had to leave it to some other time. 

I got a 10% discount coupon for their upcoming event. 

So maybe I might pick up Marshmallow Fireside, or my favorite Mint Chocolate, but I also love Kitchen Spice

I used to have it in my kitchen and my living room was smelling like that as well. 

However, I don't think my parents would appreciate the scent or the price of the candle.

It is so hard to describe it but I just love that scent. 

So, I guess I will hold that purchase until I move out to my own place again.

$6+tax single bulb refills were 19TL (tax included) which is $10.69

$5 Fragrance oils were also 19TL = $10.69 (tax included) 

$5 Scent portables were also 19TL = $10.69 (ta included) 

I guess the tax included prices are close to $10, 
but it upset me when I saw 19 Liras price tag.

I also liked Paris Amour's scent but I don't need any body mist nor body butter/lotion or fragrance. 
So, see you  another time Paris Amour! :P 

The prices upset me so much that I didn't check all the new candle's scents, because I knew I would want to purchase those as well. 

So, I left with my 4 oz Secret Wonderland and 4 oz. Lavender-Vanilla aromatherapy candles, paying 38TL = $22. 

This was more than I usually pay at Bath & Body Works in the States, because I always wait and shop when they have a sale. 

I was shopping either when they have ''two 4 oz candles for $10'' or ''two 4-wick candles for $20''. 

However, I don't think they will have sales in Istanbul, 
like the ones they have in the states 
(You know in the States they always have a sale like Buy 3 Get 2 Free, etc.) 
and because I was missing my candles so much, 
I just shopped. 

It hurt my budget, but I am so happy now that I don't care! :)

However, I felt like they didn't have all the Christmas season products, and the store felt confusing. Although it looked exactly like any other Bath & Body Works, I just didn't know where to look at where to find my favorite products. I guess it is because it was slightly a smaller store compared to the ones I had been to in the States. 

I guess they are waiting for December to bring out Christmas Season  products. Gotta check out BBW in December as well! 

Oh by the way BBW doesn't offer their 100% Satisfaction Guarantee in Istanbul. So, if you burnt the candle or used the perfume/body butter and not liked it you can't return it! They only accept returns if you have the receipt and if you have not used the product! BBW Istanbul let me down...

November 10, 2011


It was a boring, depressed day until half an hour ago.

I found out that the new Bath&Body Works shop is opened and it's close to my home in Istanbul. 

Tomorrow, I am definitely going for shopping and stocking up on my favorites candles, plug-ins and sleeping mists. 

Ah I am so excited that I want to go out now and run to the store which is half and hour distance if you walk, so it should be less than 20 minutes if you run LOL

It opened on Bagdat Caddesi which is the 5th Avenue of Istanbul, and it's their second shop in here. 

I spend almost 5 months away from my candles and plug-ins and pillow mists, and oh boy it was the most difficult 5 months of my life. No jokes! 

I realized how much those scents were calming down my nerves and helping out with my sweet tooth.

I don't want to be disappointed but I hope their product range is same with the States.

So, if they brought back their Secret Wonderland scented candles, I am definitely getting myself one,
and the Mint Chocolate, and the Island Margarita and Carribean Salsa, and the Lavender-Vanilla Soothing Candle, and Vanilla-Lavender pillow mist, but I will also check out the new season stuff. 

I worry about the prices of candles.

According to Hemen Denemeliyim's blog (translate as I Should Try It Immediately) the prices look affordable if those are original size prices and not travel size prices.

I will check it tomorrow and report it back! :)

October 13, 2011

Daily Make-Up Brushes...

I got the whole $3 make up brush set from ELF 
and a travel set from MAC 
and 3 Toki Doki brushes 
and 3 Rock & Republic Cosmetics brushes 
and one Body Shop make up brush 
(I threw away the other two because they were too old and I couldn't clean them up), 
two Smashbox, 
one Tarte make up brush, 
and 2 Sephora brushes, 
and one Physcian's Formula brush 
and one eyeliner brush that came with L'oreal gel eyeliner, 
and two Sam Chapman Real Techniques brushes, 
one Sonia Kashuk blending sponge 
and two Laura Mercier sponges that came with the set, 
but I don't need all of them daily. 

So, I have 18 brushes that I use daily, 
the rest are in the make up brush bag of ELF.

The brushes I use are most ELF. I am using 6 of them actually.  

I am using ELF Complexion Brush, 
2 Blush Brush 
(I use one of them with my ELF Golden Bronzer for contouring my face), 
Concealer Brush, 
Small Smudge Brush 
(to smudge the eyeliner under my eyes), 
and Small Angled Brush for gel eyeliner.

Toki Doki Angled Blush Brush and Fluffy Brush from Pittura Brush Set Collection

Smashbox Travel Smudger Brush

MAC 212 Travel Brush

L'oreal gel eyeliner's brush

The Body Shop Flat Eye Brush

Sephora Short Smudge Brush

Revlon Lip Brush 

I carry it in my handbag

Eco Tools Kabuki Brush that I carry it in my handbag

From left to right
Real Techniques Kabuki Brush, 
ELF Kabuki Brush 
Sonia Kashuk Blending Sponge

October 11, 2011

Updated Nail Polish Collection

I have no idea how many nail polishes I have 
the name of the nail polishes.
 So, I decided to do an inventory check :)

*The navy blue tin box is from IKEA I believe.

I know that I have OPI, Sally Hansen, China Glaze, Sinful Colors, Orly and some other brands like WetnWild, NYC, Revlon, L'oreal, Clarins, Milani, Broadway Nails, Avon, Cecile Golden Rose and FlorMar.

So far I have 24 Sally Hansen nail polishes.

I have 7 Xtreme Wear nail polishes.

These are,
White On 300, 
Lacey Lilac 270, 
Blizzard Blue 380,
Celeb City 220, 
Black Out 370, 
Gunmetal 310, 
Mint Sorbet 340.

*from left to right

I have 6 Insta-Dri nail polishes. 
These are, 
Flashy Fuschia 14, 
Lickety-Split Lime 450, 
Blue Away, 
Fuschia Flare, 
Blazing Blue 23, 
Pink Blink.

 *from left to right

I have 4 Diamond Strength nail polishes.
These are, 
Black Diamond 94, 
Lilac Chantilly 30, 
Nude Shimmer 65, 
Sealed with a Kiss 78.

 *from left to right

I have one Hi-Definition Nail Color which is DVD 15.

I have one Salon Nail Lacquer which is 
Made You Blush 260.

I have 2 Hard as Nails which are Rose Wine and Little Color.

I have 2 clear nail polishes which are 
Super Shine and Double Duty.

1 treatment polish which is 
Complete Care Extra Moisturizing 4-in-1 treatment. 

I have 4 OPI nail polishes.
These are, 
Cosmo-Not Tonight Honey, 
Princesses Rule, 
Birthday Babe, 
Black Shatter.

I have 4 China Glaze nail polishes.
These are, 
Evening Seduction 256, 
Lighthouse 950, 
Swing Baby 934, 
Knotty 956.

it's a purple based burgundy color

*Knotty: sheer sparkling light brown

I have 3 Sinful Colors.
These are, 
Ruby Ruby 369, 
Last Chance 948, 
Unicorn 953.
In simple terms 
I have a red, green and yellow Sinful Colors nail polishes.
*One Dollar each at Walgreens.

I have 2 NYC nail polishes.
These are In a New York Color Minute Quick Dry Flat Iron Green 214 and Long Wearing Big Money Frost 118. 

I have 3 Nutra Nail polishes.
These are, 
Strengthener with Green Tea Antioxidants,
Olive Oil Nail & Cuticle Treatment, 
5 to 7 Day Grwoth Calcium Formula.

I have 3 FlorMar nail polishes. 
These are 306, 323, 352. 
They are different shades of bordeaux/mahagoni/burgundy color. Whatever you call it...

They are purple based, brown based and red based burgundy colors.

 I have 2 Milani nail polishes.
These are, Diamond Dazzle and Electric Pink.

I have 2 Avon polishes.
These are Nail Experts Gloss Guard Top Coat 
Nail Experts Tough Enough Top/Base Coat.

I have one WetnWild Fantasy Maker Black Pearl 
in a headstone shape
Holloween Special Edition.
( oops it's upside down :P)

I have one Revlon Craving Coral 902.

I have one Trind Nail Balsam.

I have one Orly Star Spangled 40721.

I have one L'oreal Quick Dry.

I have one Clarins Coral Soleil 03

I have one Broadway Nails Barely Buff French 

I have one Cecile #13

and last but not least,  
I have one Golden Rose clear polish. 

In total I have 56 nail polishes including clear coats and treatment polishes. 

Now, I know! :)

Luckily the navy blue tin box is just big enough to contain all my nail polishes
it fits perfectly in my bookcase.

**All the nail polishes I have are purchased at sales. 

*One of the FlorMars, the Broadway Nails color and Golden Rose clear polish given to me by my friend.

My personal favorite brands are FlorMar and OPI because of their texture it's just easier to apply.

I love Sally Hansen's colors,
its the most difficult and disgusting texture to paint your nails with it.

Except Sally Hansen HD DVD color,
but you need to apply several coats to make it look nice on your nails,
or you need to use white color on your nails as a base coat.

I hate Sally Hansen's Super Shine, 
because it doesn't dry on my nails. 
It makes my dried nail polish wet 
and I smudge it because I am just too impatient to wait my nails to dry. 

*These are my personal non-payed opinions.